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2012 Focus

To support our Co-Director's year-long organizational quest.

Donate now and help us to meet our GOAL of $34,000 in 2012

+Prefer to mail your gift? Send it to MIR, 11 Tom Brown Rd Black Mountain NC 28711    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        These funds will help sustain our co-directors' year-long residency and grow our organization.

In GHANA they will

  • develop strategic partnerships with buisnesses, NGOs and schools that can advace our work
  • document and collaborate with Aprotech to increase access toappropriate technology  tools, training and income generating programs
  • volunteer with Heritage Academy  in the classroom, on the soccer field, and with their new agriculture program
  • develop a youth leadership and service-learning program
  • work with in country coordinators to ensure leadership for future MIR programs
  • ship books and school supplies
  • purchase equipment to document and dissimenate information
  • strengthen relationships with families for future homestay placements
  • facilitate our Ghana program for two US-based community-based groups

Our Co-Directors will  also be in ETHIOPIA, and will

  • expand our network with organizations and business with complimentary organizations
  • build 700 gallon water cistern at an orphanage and school  for HIV+ youth, and determine the location for the next cistern
  • consult on a women's developement program in Ejersa Goro


Scholarship Fund 

If we met our goal, an additional $1700 (or 5%) will go towards our scholarship fund.  Help sponsor a participant on our program to Ghana or Ethiopia and make this experience come alive for someone who might otherwise not be able to travel. We offer scholarships to offset some of the cost and the service work.  Your contribution can be for a particular individual or be put towards our general scholarship fund.

Ongoing areas of support:

Rain Water Harvesting Program
Help us build 700 gallon water cisterns in schools, community centers and other educational facilities in Ethiopia. These locally built cisterns collect rain water that help to address the chronic water shortage in the dry season.  The water can be used for cooking, washing and irrigation and livestock. 

TOTAL COST: $700 per cistern

AfricaConnect Program

Help us promote cross-cultural understanding through hands-on educational programs.  We offer presentations that combine history, art, movement, pictures, music, food and other elements that helps connect audiences to the rich and beautiful cultures of Africa.  Ages: Preschool and up!  

We GIVE THANKS for your support!


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