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About Bizamajig®

Bizamajig is a leading company in creating a new and proven breed of business process management software that is Integrated by Design.  The Bizamajig platform is a multi-feature subscription-based software fully coordinating marketing, sales and service through cloud-based service technology.  Bizamajig customers benefit from a workspace in the cloud to manage their unique business process.

Hundreds of clients – from businesses, associations, non-profits – already utilize Bizamajig to drive their operations.

For more than twenty years, the founders of Bizamajig have played integral roles in small, medium, and large companies.

Entrepreneur and business owner, Ann Leigh "Ola" Flynt, is actively evolving the business with a primary focus on product management, sales, and operations.

Prior to becoming involved at Bizamajig, Billy Flynt worked as a consultant providing architecture, design, development, and maintenance for critical IT systems at larger corporations such as GE Mortgage, JP Morgan, Alltel and Alcoa. With his experience in multiple IT disciplines, Flynt was able to harness and combine a deep understanding of business system development and database engineering to create the proprietary architecture singular to the Bizamajig system.

The Bizamajig Team includes some of the Asheville area's most creative people. These talented individuals not only have helped in the shaping of the venture, but also deliver services to Bizamajig end-customers.

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Bizamajig®, LLC was formed in 2008.